Just me..nothing special.

I wonder how some people could be such a necessary part of one's life one day and simply vanish the next.

Isn't it supposed to last?

A quote from the movie, Threesome - 1994.

Evidently I need to read more.

During my trip home for Christmas 2014, I informed my family through idle chit chat that I haven't been reading much and pretty much either sold or donated most of my Danielle Steel books that I had been reading for the past 20 years. I believe I had 65+ as of last July that are now in the homes or hands of other fans. I don't miss them but I love the shelf space I now have because they are gone.


This revelation seemed to shock my mother in many ways and I honestly didn't know she cared. While I realize that I read a lot... okay a ton of books while I was growing up, I hadn't felt the need to do so as I got older. I haven't even been on this site since 2013 because I just gave it up. I don't even own a Kindle. How odd is that?


Something about purging some old books and the introduction of the 'Fifty Shades' triliogy re-ignited my desire to read at all. Regardless of how you or anyone else feels about the so-called "mommy-porn" or if you can define them as erotica or just all out pornography, for women like me they were an escape. We think differently about such matters and from the books to the movie, we concentrated more on the sensuality rather than the masochistic side. Love comes in all forms.


I will not be buying anymore books except for ones that I feel the desire to own like the newest addition to the Marketplace series, 'The Inheritor' by Laura Antoniou. I respect her views about not liking the 'Fifty' series because of how, for her and her fans and literary colleagues, it does not accurately represent the BDSM lifestyle as they know it.


I am also looking to read more Childfree authors and titles since my husband and I have never had a desire to procreate and have taken the necessary medical steps to do so.


There is a wonderful sense of freedom in that, just like being taken into a good book.

Legos aren't just for kids.
Legos aren't just for kids.